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Our Use Cases
Diverse analytics use cases empowering client success stories.
Performance Analytics ->
KPS provides comprehensive performance analytics, enabling clients to gain deep insights into their investment strategies' effectiveness. Through our platform, asset managers can track and analyze performance over time, compare against benchmarks, and identify drivers of returns. This facilitates informed decision-making and strategy refinement to enhance portfolio performance.
Risk Analytics ->
Risk management is a cornerstone of successful asset management. KPS's risk analytics tools offer a detailed examination of portfolio risk factors, stress testing outcomes, and scenario analysis. Our platform equips managers with the ability to proactively manage and mitigate risk, ensuring portfolios are aligned with risk tolerance levels and market conditions.
Attribution Analysis ->
Understanding the sources of portfolio performance is vital. KPS’s Brinson analysis capabilities allow asset managers to attribute portfolio performance to investment decisions across sectors, regions, and securities. This attribution analysis helps clarify which choices are adding value, enabling managers to fine-tune their strategies for improved results.
Factor Analysis ->
KPS’s factor analysis tools dissect the impact of various market factors on portfolio performance. By identifying which factors contribute to or detract from returns, managers can better understand their portfolios' sensitivities and exposures. This insight supports strategic allocation decisions, enhancing the portfolio's resilience and potential for alpha generation.
Custom Analytics ->
KPS excels in delivering custom analytics solutions tailored to specific client needs, such as constructing a custom beta to assess the impact of Covid on a client's portfolio. This bespoke approach enables clients to address unique challenges and questions with precision, providing insights that standard analytics might miss.