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Risk Analytics
Kiski investment dashboard displaying a portfolio with daily returns and trailing returns for various market indexes and sectors, including factors such as high beta and US growth.
Effective risk management is foundational for successful asset management. KPS’s Risk Analytics offers a comprehensive solution for understanding and mitigating the various risks portfolios face.
This tool enables asset managers to navigate through market volatilities with confidence by providing detailed risk assessments and insights.The core of our Risk Analytics lies in its ability to break down risk into understandable components. Managers can evaluate how market, credit, and operational risks affect their portfolios, and identify the sources of potential volatility.

This granular view is crucial for developing strategies that are resilient in the face of market uncertainties. Moreover, KPS facilitates scenario analysis and stress testing, allowing managers to foresee how hypothetical market conditions could impact their portfolios.
Select portfolio
for risk analysis
Login interface of Kiski platform with welcome message for a client and options to select a fund and a portfolio.
Explore Multi-Factor analysis
and different scenarios
Menu for 'performance and risk' featuring options like beta sensitivity, multi- factor analysis, excess return analysis, and scenario test.
Observe sensitivities to benchmarks,
asset classes and factors
Financial table showing daily return rates for credit and factor groups, including US high yield and various momentum strategies.
Select portfolio for risk analysis
Observe sensitivities to benchmarks, asset classes and factors
Explore Multi-Factor analysis and different scenarios
This foresight is invaluable for proactive risk management, enabling adjustments before potential issues become detrimental.
By leveraging the precise and comprehensive risk insights provided by KPS, asset managers can better protect their portfolios against losses.

Our Risk Analytics tool not only aids in maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements but also supports the strategic alignment of risk tolerance with investment goals, ensuring the long-term stability and growth of assets under management.
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