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Custom Analytics
Custom Analytics represents the core of KPS's ability to meet the unique needs of each asset manager.
This aspect of our platform is dedicated to developing bespoke analytics solutions, such as creating a custom beta to evaluate the impact of specific events like the COVID-19 pandemic on a client's portfolio. These tailored analytics provide insights that generic tools simply cannot match, offering clarity on how unique factors influence investment performance.

The process involves a close collaboration with our clients to understand their specific analytical needs and challenges. Whether it's dissecting the effects of global events, analyzing niche market segments, or exploring innovative investment hypotheses, KPS custom analytics are designed to deliver precise, actionable insights.
A unique challenge requiring innovative approach
Work with KPS teams to form custom analytics
Observe, analyse and integrate custom analytics in your process
This level of customization ensures that asset managers are not just equipped with data but with knowledge that directly informs their strategic decisions.
Moreover, Custom Analytics by KPS empowers managers to push beyond standard analysis, encouraging exploration and innovation within their investment strategies. By leveraging our expertise and technology, clients can explore new angles, uncover hidden risks, and identify opportunities that would otherwise remain out of sight.

KPS's commitment to custom solutions is about providing more than just data—it's about offering a deeper understanding that enhances decision-making and drives portfolio success.
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