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Performance Analytics
Kiski’s financial dashboard of a portfolio comparing its performance with S&P 500 and Russell 2000 indexes, including graphs and YTD metrics for three investment funds.
Understanding the true performance of investment portfolios is critical for asset managers aiming to meet and exceed benchmarks.
KPS’s Performance Analytics provides a detailed analysis framework that helps managers assess their portfolios comprehensively. Our platform enables a deep dive into the performance metrics that matter, offering clarity on what drives returns and where improvements are needed.

Our approach to Performance Analytics is rooted in precision and utility. Managers can evaluate their strategies against a variety of benchmarks over different periods, gaining insights into both short-term results and long-term trends. This evaluation is crucial for adapting strategies to changing market conditions and investor expectations.
Select portfolio to
analyse performance
Kiski’s report selection screen with fund and portfolio options.
Explore different views
to generate insights
Interface elements of a financial analysis tool featuring tabs for attribution summary, exposure detail, position drilldown, groups, group detail, and sensitivity test.
Check portfolio and benchmark
performance overview
Snapshot of investment performance overview detailing DTD, MTD, and YTD returns, alongside a chart of top three performers with profit and loss figures and average expenses for specific tickers.
Select portfolio to analyse performance
Check portfolio and benchmark performance overview
Explore different views to generate insights
KPS also assists in identifying the contributions of specific investment decisions to overall performance.
Whether it’s asset allocation choices or individual security selections, our platform helps pinpoint their impact. This level of analysis is invaluable for refining investment approaches and achieving consistent growth.

By focusing on actionable insights derived from solid data, KPS’s Performance Analytics tool stands as a pivotal resource for asset managers. It supports a grounded understanding of portfolio performance, paving the way for informed strategy adjustments and enhanced outcomes.
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