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Factor Analysis
Financial dashboard screen showing factor & risk contribution with detailed tables and a pie chart of year-to-date performance metrics.
Our Factor Analysis tool helps you discern the numerous elements that shape portfolio performance. Start examining how various market factors influence your investment tactics.
What sets our Factor Analysis apart is not just the depth of analysis but the unparalleled customization and execution available to clients. Our highly personalized approach ensures that asset managers receive insights tailored specifically to their unique strategies and goals.

Whether it’s adjusting exposures to enhance returns or discovering new  paths for diversification, every step is supported by our team's  expertise in customization, ensuring a tailored and supported journey to  achieve your investment goals.
Select portfolio for
factor analysis
Kiski’s financial dashboard login screen for a client with options for a fund capital and portfolio selection.
Drill down to sectors,
positions, custom groups
"Interface elements featuring tabs for attribution summary, exposure detail, position drilldown, groups, group detail, and sensitivity test."
Observe factor performance
and contribution
Pie chart depicting risk contribution percentages alongside a line graph of cumulative factor return over one year, marking market and growth metrics.
Select portfolio for factor analysis
Observe factor performance and contribution
Drill down to sectors, positions, custom groups
Get equipped with the quantitative tools that help you master market complexities confidently and with ease.
Factor Analysis can help enhance your risk management procedures by spotlighting vulnerabilities to market shifts. This proactive approach allows managers to fine-tune  their strategies, mitigating risks and seizing market opportunities with precision.

Through customized insights and the dedicated support of the Kiski team,  asset managers ensure their strategies are not only robust and adaptive  but also perfectly aligned with their investment objectives.

Ultimately, Factor Analysis equips asset managers with the analytical tools needed to navigate market complexities with greater confidence, ensuring their strategies are robust, responsive, and aligned with their objectives.
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