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Strategic Innovations in Family Office Investing with Kiski's Expertise
A collaboration with a multi-family office overseeing $10 billion in assets that led to an improved new standard for investment strategy.
Two investment team members discussing their asset allocation with a pie chart.
Upgrading Family Office Investing
With ambitions to take their capital management in-house and advance their quantitative capabilities, the family office faced multiple challenges. These included maintaining top-tier internal processes, fully leveraging the complexities of quantitative investment tools, and ensuring cohesive communication among all constituents.
Designing a Personal Approach

Kiski developed a personalized strategy that aligned perfectly with the  requirements of the family office. Our detailed blueprint encompassed:

Identifying critical key performance indicators and risk management measures
Implementing a progressive portfolio reporting system
Customizing data to optimize management operations
Upgrading communication and reporting mechanisms for investors
Transformative Outcomes

The outcomes of our partnership were multifaceted, resulting in a considerable increase in directly managed capital by the family office. We saw the refinement of risk management and investment strategies, enhancing their overall efficiency, while improved data sharing led to more incisive decision-making. Finally, our collaboration opened up new paths for internal investment initiatives, contributing to strategic diversification.

Leveraging Partnership for Growth

By nurturing a synergistic partnership, we were able to blend Kiski's expertise in quantitative analysis seamlessly with the family office's comprehensive knowledge of their assets. With Kiski providing advanced analytical capabilities and the family office offering deep insights into the unique characteristics of their portfolio, we were able to foster an environment where innovative strategies were developed and executed, enhancing the family office's investment process and outcomes.

A New Era for Family Offices
Beyond achieving remarkable results, this partnership establishes a benchmark for innovative investment management within the family office domain.
Family offices are increasingly recognizing the value of selectively outsourcing specialized functions to enhance the outcomes of their investments. Discover how Kiski's tailored solutions can elevate your family office to new heights of efficiency.
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