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Work with Kiski to
Attract and Retain Assets
Instill confidence in investors by providing compelling quantitative proof that showcases your strategy in a new light.
Elevate transparency
Access technology that helps you quantify and convey the impact of your investment decisions to external stakeholders. We provide qualitative guidance on the use of quantitative investment information to provide an objective point of view to prospective and existing investors.
Build naratives
Transform raw data into captivating stories that resonate with investors. Our platform empowers you to craft narratives that transcend numbers - make data your most valuable asset by showcasing it in a new light.
Anticipate questions
Take a proactive approach to investor relations and give answers to questions your investors haven’t thought to ask yet. Leverage our decades of experience in leading independent managers to market and reinforce your position as a reliable investment opportunity.
Provide independent proof
Provide investors with independent validation of your strategy and highlight what sets you apart in a uniquely competitive field. We use quantitative methods to provide an independent point of view on your portfolio construction, risk management and opportunity set analysis.
Attract More Assets
Leverage technology-driven solutions designed to help asset managers and allocators run, save, and make more money.
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